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Build a Sustainable and Stellar Culture of Belonging For All  

We are dedicated to transforming businesses while engaging employees to achieve greater impact both internally and externally. 


It’s Time to Create Impact within your Organization

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AllProfit HR helps organizations:

+ Define the organization’s culture and environment to build a solid foundation

+ Evolve leadership’s mindset to view organizational growth as being an inclusive dialogue

+ Inspire organization’s to think big picture and transform creating a better & more equitable workplace

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About Us
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We recognize the importance of inclusion and engagement in creating an impactful environment where employees grow and thrive. Human Resources is more than meeting state mandated regulations, but the defining and sustaining of an organization’s culture allowing them to retain and attract high-quality talent.


We offer comprehensive Human Resources services with a focus on integrating Justice, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion principles. 

  • Virtual HR Services
    Streamline your HR functions for transformational impact. Powered by APHR, our services will infuse culturally relevant and inclusive methods into your operational strategy at a fraction of the cost. Leaders and business owners can select between 3 virtual membership options.
  • Strategic Workforce Planning
    Engage in a systematic process to ensure your human capital strategy addresses organizational goals by aligning the workforce to current and future requirements, determining where there is a misalignment, and developing strategies to address those challenges. Clients can obtain dedicated advisory hours with a chief people & culture officer. This time may include attendance as requested at board meetings, working sessions with senior leaders (and others), as well as any additional advisory work on new happenings at the Company as the year progresses.
  • Compensation & Market Study
    Ensuring employees are paid similarly for comparable work is so important in today's workforce. With so many variables affecting compensation, employers must be thorough and diligent in developing consistent pay structure. We will help your organization increase employee engagement through emergent and equitable practices and policies. The cornerstone service under this package is a compensation study and pay equity analysis.
  • Coaching
    Become clear on what you want, help identify what’s getting in the way, and create a roadmap to align with your journey through: Purposeful conversation focused on helping you and/or teams take action at work and in life Confidential conversation that offers support, self-discovery and positive momentum towards the desired future Helping you and/or your team with future plans and finding ways to fulfill goals.
  • Talent Acquisition
    The consultant would work with the current hiring managers to establish the ideal candidate profile and begin the recruitment process. Our approach will include: Key Stakeholder Involvement, Organizational Need Assessment, Assertive & Proactive Recruitment, and Qualified Candidate Selection

Life & Executive Coaching

Become clear on what you want, help identify what’s getting in the way, and create a roadmap to align with your personal and professional journey.

New Client Assessment

This 30 minute session is complementary and reserved for new clients only. This session will entail 10 minute intake and 20 minutes of demo coaching. The "introductory session" is only available to first time AllProfit HR coaching clients or following 1-year gap in coaching sessions. 

30-minute Session

 The 30 minute coaching session is perfect for those individuals who are looking for a quick express session that allows you to better fold into your day. Clients should come prepared with a specific topic to optimize time with their coach.

60-minute Session

Customized session designed for your personal and professional needs. AllProfit HR Coach may utilize a variety of modalities to guide the conversation for individual discovery and transformation. 

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