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Michelle Nicholson, Founder and President of AllProfit HR, drives change within organizations by focusing on people and cultural systems. With her background in Business Administration and 2 Masters of Arts degrees, one in Human Resources Management and the other in Human Resources Development, Michelle is a self-proclaimed “HR geek” and life-long learner. She continues to advance her knowledge in the People and Culture field with passion.


Having over 15 years of in-depth knowledge and experience, Michelle has recently shifted her efforts to social justice issues, serving as the Chief People Officer for an organization dedicated to combating sex and labor trafficking. She leads the organization with a vision that emphasizes justice, equity, diversity and inclusion.

Michelle's purpose is to uplift, inspire, encourage, and support others to be their best selves. Her goal is to motivate individuals to pursue their aspirations, both hidden and known, regardless of challenges and obstacles. While this mission could be achieved within a conventional "9 to 5" framework, Michelle envisions a broader impact through transformative human resources services.

In essence, if we were to describe Michelle in a single word, it would be "heart." She genuinely embraces the platinum rule: treating others as they wish to be treated.

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