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"The power lies within you. You deserve to live a full life. Don't limit yourself to a productive one." 


Do you desire more meaning, belonging and empowerment in your life or career? 

Let Michelle's coaching help you define, evolve and inspire purposeful change. 


Integrated Life Coaching With Michelle

Hello, I'm Michelle, your architect of intent and purpose. I am your guide to integrated coaching for holistic and sustainable growth. I utilize Co-Active methodology to empower individuals and teams to create lasting impact through authentic, intentional being. 

Across all my coaching, I establish an equal partnership that centers your purpose with your core values and vision. By drawing out your inner wisdom, we will: 

  • Define your purpose

  • Evolve behaviors and skills needed to thrive

  • Inspire fulfillment and holistic, sustainable growth



Discover professional passions, establish boundaries, navigate change and perform purposefully.  


Expand business acumen, explore sustainable ways to enhance work-life harmony, and authentically accelerate scalable business growth. 


Lead purposefully, evolve professional presence, inspire innovation and authentic growth. 


Harness empowered self-awareness to live intentionally, foster work-life harmony, and manage transitions. 


Cultivate trust and belonging, define your collective purpose, evolve collaborative strengths, and inspire peak performance.

About Michelle

Michelle is an architect of powerful intent and purpose, an accomplished entrepreneur, executive and passionate coach on a mission to empower life fulfillment. With over two decades of experience in corporate and nonprofit work spaces, she leverages the Co-Active coaching methodology to establish equal partnerships that draw out her clients' inner wisdom. 

In 2018, Michelle founded AllPRofit HR, a Human Resources and Organizational Development consulting firm, serving social impact organizations nationwide. As CEO, she optimizes talent initiatives through retention, engagement and strategic alignment to foster a sustainable and stellar culture of belonging within her client portfolio. 

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