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Strategic Scaling: Unleashing Business Success with the 'Who Not How' Approach

Updated: Jan 23

“Results, not effort, is the name of the game. You are rewarded in life by the results you produce, not the effort and time you put in.” ― Dan Sullivan

As a business leader, you have limited time and resources. In today's workforce, business leaders are managing ever more complex issues that span resilience, sustainability, reduction in force, limited budgets, inflation, global wars, climate change, scenario planning, and the implications of the impending 2024 election. Compliance, culture, retention, engagement, and performance management are too critical to be treated as an afterthought. However, depending on your organization’s size, staff experience, or approach, human resources can be treated as such when handled internally. And this could greatly influence your business's ability to scale.

“Personal confidence comes from making progress toward goals that are far bigger than your present capabilities.” ― Dan Sullivan

Conserving Effort Is Vital

In pursuing business success, leaders often find themselves entangled in the intricate web of 'How.' The relentless effort to navigate through the details can be time-consuming and draining and present negative consequences. However, there's a transformative approach outlined in Dan Sullivan's book, "Who Not How: The Formula to Achieve Bigger Goals Through Accelerating Teamwork." Let's delve into the key insights from this powerful book and explore how it aligns with AllProfit HR's mission to help businesses scale their results strategically.

Dan Sullivan's 'Who Not How' Philosophy

At the core of Sullivan's philosophy lies a simple yet profound concept: focus on 'Who' rather than 'How.' The traditional mindset often fixates on the methods and processes, which can be overwhelming and lead to burnout. Sullivan urges business leaders to shift their perspective and concentrate on identifying the right individuals or partners who can help accomplish the goals efficiently and effectively.

The Outsourcing Decision Matrix

One visual representation that perfectly aligns with the 'Who Not How' philosophy is the Outsourcing Decision Matrix, adapted from MindTools. This matrix illustrates that outsourcing human resources functions to AllProfit HR cultivates a strategic alliance. Instead of getting bogged down in the 'How' of every task, leaders can identify the 'Who' – in this case, AllProfit HR – to handle critical HR functions while maintaining control over the broader organizational vision and direction.

The Outsourcing Decision Matrix adapted from MindTools illustrates that outsourcing human resources tasks with AllProfit HR cultivates a Strategic Alliance. 

Implementing 'Who Not How' with AllProfit HR

The Chief Information Officer (CIO) defines outsourcing as a business practice in which services or job functions are hired out to a third party on a contract or ongoing basis. Outsourcing through a Strategic Alliance with AllProfit HR embodies the 'Who Not How' philosophy. By aiding clients in building a sustainable and stellar culture of belonging for all, AllProfit HR executes the 'How' of critical human resources functions. Simultaneously, business leaders retain complete control over the vision and direction of their organizations.

The 'Who, Not How' Framework in Action

Embracing the 'Who, Not How' framework with AllProfit HR allows business leaders to liberate themselves from the day-to-day HR grind. This shift expands beyond finite bandwidth, clearing schedules and mental space to focus on high-level organizational strategy, vision casting, innovation, and identifying new opportunities. It's a transformative journey from tactical human resources to transformational organizational leadership.

“Relationships are how you transform as a person. Relationships are how you transcend your current limitations. Relationships are how you produce results. Relationships are the purpose of life.” - Dan Sullivan

Scaling Results with AllProfit HR

AllProfit HR is a strategic human resources (HR) business partner that provides comprehensive human resource services. We handle essential HR functions from recruiting, onboarding, training, compliance, payroll, and benefits administration to performance management. This diverse suite of services aids in scaling your business quicker and evolving your role from tactical human resources to transformational organizational leadership.

Dan Sullivan's 'Who Not How' philosophy aligns seamlessly with AllProfit HR's mission to help businesses strategically accelerate their results. Business leaders can unleash their potential for visionary leadership and innovation by focusing less on the "How" and more on 'Who' can handle essential tasks. Let's embrace this transformative mindset and work collaboratively to achieve bigger goals and accelerate teamwork. Scale with AllProfit HR and turn your 'Who Not How' philosophy into a reality.

“Look, there’s absolutely no pressure for you to work with us. This is a two-way interview, and we are both evaluating if it’s a great fit. If you choose a different advisory firm, we will be absolutely fine. We only want to work together if we are excited and 100 percent on the same page for goals and expectations. Being aligned and upfront with each other from day one is crucial to a successful long-term relationship. And in the end, that’s what it’s all about.” ― Dan Sullivan

Schedule Your Discovery Call with AllProfit HR 

Let's explore how AllProfit HR can transform your business and accelerate your vision. Schedule a complimentary Discovery Call. We're currently offering 20% off our suite of services for new and returning clients who sign on before March 1st, 2024

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Join the conversation on the transformative power of the 'Who, Not How' philosophy and how it has influenced your journey in scaling business success. Let's reimagine people-centered workplaces where everyone profits - personally and professionally.

As a business leader, have you found yourself leaning more toward the 'Who' or the 'How' in your approach to challenges?

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