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Celebrating Human Resources

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

Today is the day! Happy Human Resource Professional Day.

12 Essential Functions of HR

The field of Human Resources has expanded to include 12 essential functions that operate as the nucleus of organizational growth and success. Human Resource professionals design structures and maintain talent and legal compliance by intentionally crafting an organization's product and processes through people's successful development, engagement, and leadership. Some say we are the fun police, but I promise you, I enjoy everything about life, not at the expense of others or the company's detriment.

HR Roles & Titles

Gone are the days of the Employment Department, which facilitated talent recruitment solely and managed new hire paperwork. Today, titles and roles have ballooned to focus on the heart of the function (benefits, payroll, training, compensation, recruitment, HRIS system administrator, and onboarding, to name a few). They have also evolved to include "People" and "Culture" in the titles of managers and senior-level leaders.

"If we want to see something different, we have to be responsible to create it." - Tessa Thompson

My Hope For Continual Transformation

Reflecting on my almost two-decade career in Human Resources, I am surprised that this is only the 9th year of Human Resources Professionals Day. However, I am grateful for the progress toward expanding the industry and, most importantly, the enhanced focus on accessible work environments and inclusive work cultures. Yet, I can not help but consistently seek and press forward to more transformative strides.

HR Can Not Be Another Duty As Assigned

The majority of businesses in the United States are small businesses. Unfortunately, I have seen Human Resources as one of the many hats a team leader, often the owner, facilitates, among other roles. Human Resource is a central operational strategy of the business that needs to be actively prioritized and managed, not as something added to one person's already full plate of tasks. Most importantly, there can be liabilities if the individual assigned to facilitate an organization's HR efforts is not skilled in most, if not all, of the twelve functions detailed in the graphic above.

"Success depends on employees. For me knowing and connecting with my employees is very important." – Divine Ndhlukula

External Human Resources

Do you need to maintain compliance and structure intentional development of your product, processes, and people while desiring to maximize profits? There is an easy way to facilitate critical yet personalized human resources services. An HR Architect can be the key to unlocking the next level of your business success when needed and within budget. Contracting an HR Architect regarding the areas you are least familiar with is not a sign of weakness on your part; it denotes strength. An outside representative can serve as a consultant and unbiased third party, allowing you to participate in the learning and development or facilitate the evaluation for further internal engagement.

AllProfitHR helps organizations experience transformational people and culture systems to create a culture of belonging for all. We are a 100% independent, minority, woman-owned HROD firm specializing in all twelve of the Human Resource functions needed to maximize your businesses success.

"It's a fact of life that progress is almost exclusively generated through people. If you're not sensitive to the needs of people within your organization, or with whom you have to deal, you're not going to be effective." — Reginald F. Lewis

AllProfit HR Can Help

Human Resources is more than hiring staff and meeting mandated regulations. We help businesses build, define and sustain an organization's culture, allowing you to attract and retain high-quality talent. AllProfit HR helps organizations experience transformational people and culture systems to develop a culture of belonging for all. We are a 100% independent, minority, woman-owned HROD firm specializing in all 12 of the Human Resource functions needed to maximize your business success.


From business strategists, to problem-solvers, talent developers and culture curators, take a moment to celebrate the field of Human Resources and acknowledge the exceptional professionals transforming the future of work.

Schedule Your Complimentary Discovery Call

AllProfit HR recognizes the importance of inclusion and engagement in creating an impactful environment where talented employees can grow and thrive. We welcome the opportunity to support your business. Click this link to learn more about AllProfit HR and schedule your complimentary discovery call today.

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What is a common misconception of HR? How best can this be transformed for greater work environments?

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06 de out. de 2022

Human resources are the totality of people that make up the workforce of an organization, business sector, industry, or economy. A narrower concept is human capital, knowledge and skills that people own. ( )

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