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Thank Your Mentor Day

We all have people in our lives who have guided us, challenged us to grow, and selflessly shared their wisdom. On #ThankYourMentor Day, I want to shine the spotlight on those who have illuminated the path ahead.

In particular, I'm grateful for Katherine Ebner, founder of The Nebo Company who allowed me to observe her client engagement as I developed as an HR practitioner. At the time, I didn't fully realize the gift I was being given. More than the specific advice, the access provided to observe her type of leadership shaped my career and my business practices in ways I'm still discovering with appreciation.

I suspect many of you have been blessed by mentors too. I encourage you to join me in thanking those who guided you. Whether it's a quick text, email, phone call, LinkedIn Post, or over coffee, they likely have no idea the difference they made. And if there are mentors still with us, tell them today.

It's easy to assume people know their influence. Often they don't. This January, for National Mentoring Month, tag your mentor(s) with a specific story of how they guided you. Or pay it forward by mentoring someone still finding their way. Small gestures change lives in unseen ways. Most of all, let gratitude be your guide.

Sharing Your Thoughts

Join the conversation on the transformative power of mentoring. Have you been mentored? If so, what is one way a mentor impacted your life - personally or professionally?

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