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What's Your Perspective?

Rain! Rain! Go away. Someone take me back to summer days.

In all honesty, I send my heartfelt prayers for peace and blessings to the many families and areas still impacted by Hurricane Fiona and additional individuals and areas affected by Hurricane Ian. I know the rain I experienced today along the East Coast is a minor inconvenience compared to others. While inside today, I reflected on some personal and business development initiatives and most importantly my perspective.

Currently Reading

I almost completed reading Will by Will Smith. Honestly, I almost do not want it to end—what a phenomenal book that nostalgically helped me relive my childhood, explore hip hop trivia often unspoken of and coupled with many professional business tips and personal leadership development components. It was a beautiful surprise to learn of the unique real-life story of Afro-Latino, Benny Medina, who helped launch Will’s acting career.

Extraordinary Requires Intentionality

Will Smith has one of the most extraordinary careers. Initially driven by his fortunate of being in the right place at the right time to being very intentional, very early, after some hard falls, he is so vulnerable and honest. He is so human. If you ever wanted to know what success looks like - it looks messy. It is messy. Will by Will Smith is a worthwhile book to read and reflect on.

Matter of Perspective

If you are like me this weekend, sitting in the house, you could:

  • Binge-watch Netflix.

  • scroll IG or TikTok.

  • Watch YouTube videos,

  • Exercise,

  • Host a game night with friends, or...

  • You could also think about and journal where you are currently in life and business and assess if it is where you want to be.

If it is not, and even if it is, analyze your perspective and stretch your inner “will.” - Michelle Nicholson

Comment Below

What’s your perspective - when it comes to your business or business expenses, is it something you afford or something you invest in?

Time To Invest

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What's Coming Up?

I am planning a business round table for March, and I will incorporate some components of Will’s story into the final plan. Stay tuned.

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