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Your Invitation to Embody Well-Being

Expanding self-care in the workplace and implementing health and wellness initiatives isn't just beneficial for employees—it's a strategically smart move for organizations. As we celebrate Self-Care Month from June 24 to July 24, culminating in International Self-Care Day, we can reflect on the ethical importance and implementation of self-care in our lives and workplaces. Today, chronic conditions, mental health concerns, stress, and burnout, ascerbated by the lack of self-care and workplace environments, impact employee productivity and absenteeism and cost U.S.-based employers $36.4 billion yearly. By prioritizing employee well-being, organizations can see significant improvements in productivity, job satisfaction, overall workplace culture, and costs that impact business. We must collectively view self-care as healthcare to combat these concerns, decrease costs, and improve global health. 

Don't End Up In The Emergency Room

As Chief Human Resources Practitioner and Architect of Powerful Intent and Purpose, I've experienced firsthand the consequences of neglecting well-being. My relentless work pace led to a health crisis in early 2023, landing me in the emergency room with alarmingly high blood pressure. This wake-up call taught me that caring for myself was not negotiable but essential.

Self-care isn't selfish—it's necessary for sustainable success. When we prioritize our well-being, leaders set a powerful example for our teams and contribute to creating a healthier, more resilient workplace.

What is Self-Care?

The National Institute of Mental Health defines self-care as taking the time to do things that help you live well and improve your physical and mental health. According to the Global Self-Care Federation, proper self-care requires a proactive, personalized approach to health and well-being, encompassing bodily, cognitive, and emotional activities that maintain optimal health. Some general practices include regular exercise, healthy eating, stress management, and proactively seeking medical care when necessary. 

What is Well-Being?

Well-being is important. It is the foundation of individual success, impacting relationships and engagement in and with the world. But you might be wondering if you are doing this self-care initiative right. The terminology between self-care and well-being can be confusing. I appreciate how the Global Wellness Initiative presents self-care, which aligns with wellness, as related to intention, action, or activity. In contrast, well-being, which aligns with happiness, relates to a state of being. 

Science Direct summarizes that self-care encompasses behaviors fundamental to a healthy lifestyle. These behaviors can improve physical and psychological health, improving the mental or emotional state of an individual or society’s collective well-being - their mindset or perception. Using an example from the Mayo Clinic, consider this: regular exercise, a self-care behavior, can increase self-confidence, improve your mood, and help you relax, lowering symptoms of mild depression and anxiety, well-being states that impact one’s mind or emotions. Conversely, the lack of exercise impacts one’s sleep capacity and contributes to an unhealthy state of well-being due to the effects of stress, depression, and anxiety. 

Your Invitation to Embodying Well-Being

Most individuals engage in self-care, although it may not be as consistent or authentic as desired for optimal living. Well-being is personal. While no one can give you well-being, it can be cultivated and enhanced in a group setting. AllProfitHR is hosting an Embodying Well-Being Retreat on September 6, 2024, in Alexandria, VA, to support your journey.

This revolutionary experience will offer the following:

  1. A space to connect with like-minded professionals

  2. Practical strategies for implementing consistent behaviors that support self-care 

  3. Group coaching immersion to redefine your approach to well-being

  4. A luxurious half-day spa experience

  5. A nutritious spa lunch

At the retreat, we'll explore:

  • Integrating self-care practices into your daily routine

  • Cultivating resilience in the face of professional challenges

  • Creating a personal roadmap toward well-being aligned with your values and goals

This is your invitation to join us at the Embodying Well-Being Retreat to deepen your understanding and practice of self-care. This retreat provides a shared space to collectively explore embodying well-being in our personal and professional lives. Together, we can transform our approach to well-being and lead the way to a more balanced, fulfilling life.

This Self-Care Month, I challenge you to commit to your well-being. Join us at the

Embodying Well-Being Retreat to relax, relate, and redefine what it means to evolve beyond behaviors and embody well-being. Visit to learn more and secure your spot for the Embodying Well-Being Retreat. Space is limited to ensure an intimate and impactful experience. Let's create a culture of well-being that starts with us and ripples out to transform our world.

Share Your Thoughts

Join the conversation on the transformative power of self-care. Let's reimagine people-centered workplaces where everyone profits - personally and professionally.

What's one small self-care practice you've incorporated into your daily routine that's made a big difference in your leadership? Share your wisdom in the comments below! 

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